All Play Report

Be sure your league is setup properly before installing any scripts.Setup Video
The all play report shows a weekly breakdown of each franchises all play record along with each franchises score for a given week. There is also a separate table that can be shown that will show the the record for each franchise had they played every other franchise. This second table can be hidden by changing the designated var to false.
All scripts require cache.js and font awesome file to be placed in a header message as the 1st line. Please review the section "Custom Scripts" Here
This script is already included in our custom template. Do not install it again. Custom template users do not need to load cache.js or font awesome.

All PlayPlace in any HPM

/* set width or heights for franchise icons or logos */
/* set width or heights for franchise icons or logos used in head row */

/* table row column hilites */
  tr.allplay-lit, td.allplay-lit, td.allplay-lit span,tr.allplay-lit td {background:#f7ff00;color:#000;cursor:default}

/* table row column hilites crosshair td cell */
tr.allplay-lit td.allplay-crosshair, td.allplay-crosshair span{background:#111;color:#fff}

/* set td display for data should be same across all leagues */
  .allplay-franchise {white-space:nowrap;}
  .allplay-total, .allplay-week {text-align:center}
  .allplay-record-total {display: block; font-weight: 700; white-space: nowrap;}
  .allplay-pf {display:block;font-size:smaller}
/* set display for conference title when applicable */
  .allplay-conference-title {font-size:x-large;text-align:center}

<div id="allplayTable"></div>

var allplayAutoRun = true;              // The script makes several API calls so to avoid the potential for "too many requests" error it is suggested to set this to false so the table only populates when link is clicked.
var allplayNameIconLogoAbbrev = 0;      // 0=name, 1=icon, 2=logo, 3=abbrev, 4=icon_name, 5=logo_name
var allplayIncludeHeadToHead = true;    // Separate table detailing all play matchups between franchises
var allplayScoringDecimals = 2;         // Decimals
var allplayEndWeek = 14;                // Final week to include in all play record
var allplayHeadToHeadUseIcon = false;   // Unless icons are size very small keep this set to false and abbrev will be use instead
var allplaySeparateByConference = true; // Only applicable for leagues that use conferences

<script src=""></script>