Todays Calendar Event

Be sure your league is setup properly before installing any scripts.Setup Video
Todays Calendar Event script creates a new module you can place on your homepage. Install it in any homepagemessage. The script will grab any events scheduled for today and make a new report you can place on your site.
All scripts require cache.js and font awesome file to be placed in a header message as the 1st line. Please review the section "Custom Scripts" Here
This script is already included in our custom template. Do not install it again. Custom template users do not need to load cache.js or font awesome.

Todays EventsPlace in any homepagemessage

async function fetchAndProcessCalendar() {
	try {
		const response = await fetch(`${baseURLDynamic}/${year}/options?L=${league_id}&O=123&PRINTER=1`);
		const html = await response.text();
		const parser = new DOMParser();
		const doc = parser.parseFromString(html, 'text/html');
		const todayTd = doc.querySelector('.today');
		const liElements = todayTd.querySelectorAll('li');
		const calAppend = document.querySelector('.cal_append');
		if (liElements.length > 0) {
			liElements.forEach((li) => {
				const wrapperDiv = document.createElement('div');
				wrapperDiv.className = 'cal-event';

				const innerDiv = document.createElement('div');
				innerDiv.className = 'cal-event-desc';


				const styledLi = li.cloneNode(true); = 'none';


		} else {
			const noEventsDiv = document.createElement('div');
			noEventsDiv.className = 'cal-event';

			const noEventsInnerDiv = document.createElement('div');
			noEventsInnerDiv.className = 'cal-event-desc'; = 'italic';

			const noEventsLi = document.createElement('li'); = 'none';
			noEventsLi.textContent = 'No Events Today';


	} catch (error) {
		console.error('Error:', error);

<div class="mobile-wrap">
  <table class="homepagemodule report" id="monthly_events2" align="center" cellspacing="1">
    <span>Todays Calendar Events</span>
     <tr class="oddtablerow">
      <td class="cal_append"></td>