Be sure your league is setup properly before installing any scripts.Setup Video
The commissioner abilities script creates a page on your site where you have full control to edit every setting for every owner on a single page. Add the Abilities HPM to any homepagemessage , then place the Abilites Header into a header marked message. Set the var to the HPM# where you installed the script. A link will appear under the "For Commissioners" menu called "Custom Abilities".
The "script.js" file has an uncompressed versions that can be edited and hosted on your own server.
All scripts require 1 instance of the cache.js file to be placed in a header message as the 1st line
<script src="https://www.mflscripts.com/mfl-apps/global/cache.js"></script>

Abilities HPMPlace in any homepagemessage

<div id="commishContainer" style="text-align:center"></div>

<script src="https://www.mflscripts.com/mfl-apps/commissioner/script.js"></script>

Abilities HeaderPlace in header message


var add_abilities_link = true; // Set to true to add ability setup link to commish menu

var SetHPMability = 17; // Set this value to the number of the homepage message you are loading the commissioner abilities script in

jQuery('ul li.mm-forcommissioners ul').prepend('<li><a class="no-sub" href="' + baseURLDynamic + '/' + year + '/home/' + league_id + '?MODULE=MESSAGE' + SetHPMability + '">Custom Abilities</a></li>');