Be sure your league is setup properly before installing any scripts.Setup Video
The directory contains the files for 3 different types of scoring scipts.
The custom-standAlone folder contains the files needed to create a Custom Scoreboard for your MFL site. This scoreboard is installed into a HomePageMessage and you create a link somewhere on your homepage to access this Scoreboard. This scoreboard is NOT installed in a "header" or "footer" marked message, or placed in a home page tab. This is a stand alone app to display an alternate Scoreboard.
custom-standAlone View Screenshot
The mini-boxscore folder contains the files you need to create your leagues own boxscore (a slim horizontal menu) displaying the weekly fantasy scores and NFL scores. This script is intended to go into a "header" marked message and display at the top of your homepage or all site pages.
mini-boxscore View Screenshot
The replace-mflScoring folder contains all the files needed to REPLACE the MFL live scoring page. This script is a recreation of the Custom Scoreboard , but piggy backs the use of MFL's live scoring page. Quicker response time for live scores and all the perks of the Custom Scoreboard and MORE! This script is placed into a "footer" marked message.
replace-mflScoring View Screenshot